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Fotografía del restaurante S'Àncora de Fornells de noche

Enjoy Menorca

One of the many benefits to be in the island of Menorca are the white sand beaches surrounded by beautifully transparent water. In Fornells itself there are an extensive number of nautical sports, diving, sailing, windsurfing, katayaking and boat hire. Bike riding and horse riding are also available.


The Saint Antoni Castle which has been recently restored, dates from 1.752, from which developed the village of Fornells. The defense tower which was constructed by the English when they dominated the island is situated at the north east end of Fornells. Another tower is on the island in the middle of the bay. The old part of the village contains the Church. The contramaestras house which was named because the head of the navy lived there.
Menorca has many archeological ruins, Naveta, Talayots and pre-christian Churches.


The most important festival of the village is “Virgen del Carmen”; the patron Saint of Fisherman, which is celebrated on 16th July and marked by procession of decorated fishing boats, musical events and other festival activities.
Another festival also celebrated en July is the San Antonio festivals. Saint Antonio being the patron Saint of the village. This is celebrated with the traditional parade of horses, fireworks, musical concerts and dances.

A photo of a rider in the patron festival of Fornells Photograph of the seabed

Sportsman doing Windsurfing

The Saint Antoni Castle in Fornells